Upgrade to behavior-based emailing

Marketing Automation Feature – Visitor ID

With SharpSpring’s Visitor ID, you can track your known leads and continue to interact with them anytime they come across your website but sending them an email. Visitor ID also gives you insight into the type of content your prospects are viewing so you can send them customized emails that they will engage with. A Visitor ID email will come daily to your inbox updating you on any new activity from your leads. Scroll down and hover to read more about the Visitor ID features.

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Identify Anonymous Web Visitors

  • – 98% of web visitors remain anonymous because they don’t fill out forms
  • – VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the visitors to your site
  • – Provides contact info, including names, emails, and phone numbers 
  • – Get crucial insight on your existing web traffic to convert leads to sales

Page Visits, Referral URLs & Search Terms

  • – VisitorID times page visits
  • – Alerts when someone views an important page
  • – Searches where they came from and
  • – Identifies which search terms led to your site

Important Contacts

  • – Choose which industries that you want to target
  • – VisitorID will only show you the visitors
    from those chosen industries

Track Your Known Leads

  • – Turn your website into a two-way communication tool
  • – Notify sales department when a lead in your funnel
    comes back and takes additional action
  • – More insight from sales team = higher close rate

Important Pages

  • – Specify Important Pages to boost a contact’s Lead Score
  • – Launch automation and personalize communication when visited

Daily VisitorID Email

  • – Find anonymous web visitors, leads, opportunities, and
    customers that have visited your site each day directly in your inbox
  • – Quickly scan through contact information, lead score and
    other fields without even logging into the app!

Powerful Filters

  • – Filter out site visits that don’t apply to your business
  • – Focus on the visits that count!
  • – Block out all ISP and companies that are poor sales prospects

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