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Content is King!

Content marketing, if done well, is much more than simply posting a 300-word blog once or twice a month. We strongly urge clients to think of content as an important piece of their overall marketing strategy. When working with retainer clients, we plan Content Calendars at least three months out, if not longer. With this strategy, we will plan which blogs, articles, emails, or other content will be written over that period, how they fall into any campaigns, where we will link back, and how we will repurpose the content.

Content Calendar

The best way to show our strategy is with an example. For us, a digital marketing agency, we want to close a deal this year with a large nonprofit focusing specifically on web development, campaigns, and social media. So start with the end in mind – what is the goal? To close a large nonprofit client. How do we get there? Now we look at campaign strategy. A few pieces that might be included in this campaign:

  • BLOG – Website Development for Nonprofits
  • BLOG – Social Media Benefits for Nonprofits
  • BLOG – Tech Soup & Guidestar – How to Validate Your Nonprofit Online
  • BLOG – Freebies & Discounts for Nonprofits – Hosting, Processing, and More!
  • WEBINAR/BLOG – How to Set Up Social Media for Your Nonprofit
  • WEBINAR/BLOG – How to Ask for Donations Via Email Marketing
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGN – 7 email drip campaign automation that will send after ad -> landing page -> form fill

Now I have a specific strategy and Content Calendar outline that maps out all of my content for 2-3 months, that has a specific audience and purpose. You can also repurpose all of this content and create videos out of blogs and vice versa, as well as giving sneak peeks of your content in social media posts or emails. Repurposing content effectively will save you a lot of time and money as well as help you remain consistent in your messaging.

Our Experience

We have studied and used a few different successful strategies such as those outlined by Ryan Deiss – Digital Marketer and Russell Brunson – DotCom Secrets, for our content strategies. We read a lot of books, blogs, and newsletters daily which keep us up to date on what’s new in the industry, and it also keeps our creative writing juices flowing. We highly recommend subscribing to dictionary.com’s Word of the Day =)

Our founder is an contributing author to Amazon’s Best Seller Journey to Success: Millennial Edition and our whole team has written many business plans, strategies, blogs, and articles over the years in graduate programs and entrepreneurial pursuits.

One of our strategies for ensuring effective delivery of your brand and content ideas (beyond research) if to interview a member of your team for an hour or so and get 3-4 blog topics from that interview. We record these interviews to make sure we don’t miss anything and to capture the “voice” of your brand representative. We send drafts back and forth as many times as necessary for you to be happy before we post anything.

Just like every other service we offer, then we measure the data and shift as needed! We look at your analytics weekly to see what pages are getting the most traffic and we look at emails and lead scores through SharpSpring to see what content your audience finds engaging.

Answers to Your Questions

Can you guarantee my blog will get read?

I would be remiss to guarantee anything 100% in this business, as there is so much out of our control! We have experience increasing web traffic to blogs and other pages on their site due to continually uploading new content that is rich in SEO factors. We find that when we adhere to best practices over and over we tend to have long term success.

How do you know what topics to write about for us?

We don’t just scour the internet for “hot topics” in your industry. This creates look-alike blogs and repetitive content. We work closely with you to plan a long-term Content Calendar and strategy based on your overall company goals. If you have a specific quarterly sales goal, we work backward from there to ensure that all the content we provide lines up with what you are trying to sell and to whom you are trying to sell.

    Can you work with my deadline?

    We pride ourselves on our organizational skills and our use of the Scrum Methodology. These tied together equal planning, planning, and more planning! We guarantee you will not feel like we are behind deadline when we are planning blogs 1 to 2 months ahead of time! Of course, certain circumstances require us to shift on a dime, and we do our best to meet your needs should this occur on occasion.

    How do you make blogs SEO-friendly?

    There are many factors beyond keywords that play into your SEO ranking. Rich content, that is content that displays expertise by depth and weight, is becoming a bigger factor. Unfortunately, 300-word blogs no longer pass muster. We find that a well-researched and cited 1500 word article posted once or twice a month can be much more effective than multiple 300-word blogs. Visit our SEO page for more information on how your content factors into your SEO ranking.

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