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From the Consult to the Execution

At Bolt Goodly, we place a heavy weight on the upfront consulting that we do for our clients. This is done by design and for the specific purpose of ensuring that we hit the target on a project we work on.

Our digital marketing services are broken up into three separate categories:

  1. Research, Audit, and Strategy Phase 
  2. Development – Optional Services
  3. Monthly Strategic Marketing Phase

Research, Audit, and Strategy Phase (RAS)

Estimated time to complete: typically 2-4 weeks

During this phase, we outline the necessary steps to assess the current state of the business and formulate a marketing campaign that will have a substantial impact. In addition to the steps highlighted by Bolt Goodly and the client as “top priority,” this phase allows us to fully understand the business goals so we can set future milestones, install baseline measurement analytics and provide a sound and stable digital structure setting us all up for success for the length of our work together.

This is what is included:


  • Time spent consulting
  • Onboarding
  • Strategy Session

Discovery and Research

  • Consult with the client (2-3 Hours)
  • Perform company research
  • Perform Industry and competitor research
  • Deliver Report

Business and Strategy Audit

  • Financials
  • Business strategy
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Corporate structure, exit strategy, long-term
  • Products, Services, Unique selling proposition

Brand Identity Audit

  • Review current branding
  • Brand consistency (logos and messaging)
  • Brand identity – manifesto, story, colors, fonts
  • Reputation management

Website and SEO Audit

  • Keyword Research Report
  • Webmaster tools, sitemap submissions, Robots.txt file and Keyword updates
  • Deliver Report


Technical Audit

  • Server
  • Plugins
  • Listings, Webmaster tools etc.
  • Tracking codes

Marketing Campaign Audit

  • Identified Opportunities for SEM and PPC marketing
  • Competitor ad spend and Keyword report
  • Social Media Audit -marketing and copy and design consistency
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid marketing
  • Organic marketing
  • Review/audit all marketing platforms being used

Final Summary and Implementation Strategy

Upon completion of our research and audit, we will report back to you with a suggested omnichannel digital marketing strategy. If you choose to move forward at this point, we will move into our Development Phase.

Development Phase

Estimated time to complete: 2 weeks – 3 months

Estimated time to complete: Varies based on the complexity of the project 

These are additional services that we provide based on client needs. This can include designing or updating a new website, marketing funnels, automated email marketing, automated webinar, video production, podcast production, additional branding, and design or any other services that fit outside the scope of basic digital marketing consultation.

These optional services are presented to our clients based on our suggestions after the consult is completed. The client makes suggestions and highlights the most important items that need to completed first and foremost.

Monthly Strategic Marketing Phase

Estimated time: Ongoing monthly retainer services

These services are ongoing and will take place once the initial work in the development phase is completed and a sound and stable structure have been put in place with a means to measure the progress of all digital marketing campaigns and content distribution.

We measure the results of each aspect of a campaign, tying them to income producing activities. We will adjust ads, track URL codes, analyze email results, A/B test various messaging, and the like, to determine which media and tools are actually generating income.

Answers to Your Questions

Why spend money on a consult?

It’s all about sharpening the saw. Before we can execute an incredible marketing campaign for your business, we want to fully understand what you need, what you want, and what KPIs will make our work together fruitful.

This is why we take the time to really understand your needs. This consultative approach ensures the success of the campaign and creates a synergy between your business and Bolt Goodly.

When retain us to consult on your business, you get a team of unbiased digital marketers looking at your business and digital footprint with a fine-tooth comb in search of any and all ways to add value to your marketing efforts.

We work with some pretty savvy clients who have a pretty good idea of what they need and want, but even our smartest clients don’t specialize in some niche forms marketing we understand at an expert level. We can uncover hidden value not visible on the surface.

Isn’t the consultation included?

Although we do a bit of consulting for any service that we would provide for your company, our full-blown Research, Audit, Strategy Consult (RAS) is a service all in itself. Imagine if you could have a marketing, business, financial, UI/UX, SEO, and Paid Marketing Expert look at your business specifically to find out where there are gaps, vulnerabilities, missed opportunities and anything else that may create an impediment for the business and marketing campaign. That is the service we provide for you.

When the Bolt Goodly team gets a deep understanding into all aspects of the business, then the marketing efforts are truly set up for success, and we strive to deliver that high-level of service for our clients!

Do you guarantee results?

If we do the consult for your business prior to executing the marketing campaign we set forth, then yes we do guarantee results. We are so confident in our ability to create successful campaigns that we will back it up with a guarantee when you allow our team to come in and inspect the business.

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