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Marketing Automation Feature – SharpSpring Social

SharpSpring Content Calendar and Content Scheduler have the features of other schedulers, and then more. You can schedule posts, blogs, and more across multiple platforms all at once. You can also follow specific feeds or hashtags to see what’s going on and what your users are talking about. The big thing SharpSpring Social has that others don’t is the ability to change a lead’s score as they interact with your social media. This gives you one more outlet and tool with which to interact with your leads. Scroll down and hover to learn more!

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Manage Social Content in Context

  • – Get a comprehensive look at all of your content – social activity, scheduled emails, blog posts – with SharpSpring’s Content Calendar.
  • – See what’s in the works, and make changes on the fly with an interactive interface that provides daily, weekly, monthly, or list views.

Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited Users

  • – Got 5 Twitter feeds, 4 Facebook profiles, 3 LinkedIn pages, and
    99 other social media problems? No worries.
  • – Manage them all – with one person or an army of marketers
    – within a single platform.

Monitor Conversations That Matter

  • – Find and filter social conversations by #hashtag, keyword and more.
  • – Watch what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry.
  • – Organize that feedback in customizable tabs that make sense to you.

Post Instantly or Schedule Ahead

  • – Publish content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • – Share fresh content immediately, or plan in advance by
    setting up posts for future dates.

Post Once Across Unlimited Accounts

  • – Turn any one-off post into a multi-channel winner
    by easily sharing great content across relevant social
    platforms and audiences simultaneously.

Identify Hot Leads & Brand Advocates

  • – Likes, retweets, and shares mean more than brand awareness.
  • – Automatically adjust lead scores and capture interactions on
    the Life of the Lead to identify prospects that are ready to buy
    – and current customers willing to help you close the next deal.

Trigger Automations Based on Social Activity

  • – Launch email campaigns based on social activity
  • – Notify the sales team when known leads engage.
  • – Use other creative automations to feed your pipeline
    and convert social interactions into qualified leads or sales.

Show End-to-End Social ROI

  • – Evaluate social media effectiveness beyond basic engagement.
  • – Assign campaigns to social posts to see which
    channels and ideas perform best
  • – Tweak or eliminate those that seemed promising but didn’t pan out.

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