Heartland House

Nonprofit: Serving San Diego since 1960

Project Summary

Heartland House is a men’s recovery home in San Diego, CA. They have existed and thrived in the recovery industry for over 60 years, but it was time to update their digital interface. Heartland House approached us for a new website and marketing strategy. We launched their new website in May of 2017 and have maintained marketing with new content, social media, marketing automation, SEO, and advertising.

The Strategy

We first assessed Heartland House’s digital footprint by analyzing their current website and doing a historical analysis so we could fully appreciate our starting point. We also downloaded a lot of information from other sources so we could effectively strategize a new site and marketing strategy. This included:

  • Interviewing staff and board members
  • Analysis of current and previous clients
  • Collection of all media, content, and program data
  • Review of internal strategy
  • Calendar planning

Once we laid the groundwork with approximately 3 weeks of planning, we began building their new site! Upon launch, we continue to look at data utilizing tools such as SharpSpring marketing automation, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other tools to let the data tell us a story. With that story, we continue to adjust and push forward.

Proven Results

In an ideal website build for a client, we will have access to historical data. More often than not, analytics tools are not set up correctly, if at all, and so we work with what we have! This is why people call us after all.

For Heartland House, we had historical data on Form Fills from their old website. The only form available was “Contact Us.” When we built their new site, we added these additional new forms:

  • Admissions
  • Alumni
  • Contact Us
  • Employment
  • FAQ
  • Support our Events
  • Volunteer

Creating multiple forms has allowed us to streamline Heartland House’s contacts and increase overall form fills by a rate of +238% year over year. The Contact Us form fill alone still had an increase of +40% year over year.

Another metric we did not have historical data on but have been able to significantly increase month over month since launch in June 2017 is overall web traffic. We assisted Heartland House in the updating of all of their web content, as well as implementing Google for Nonprofits. With these service we have increased web traffic by +28% month over month on average since launch.

The last KPI we are looking at for Heartland House is their click through rate. Again without historical data, we are looking at the industry standards and just focusing on a year over year increase next year as we continue to maintain new content and ads. Organic CTR since launch is 1.86% and AdWords CTR is 2.36%. The industry standard is typically around 1.91%.


Form Fills


Web Traffic




“I can not truly articulate the exceptional work you have done for Heartland House. The well thought out planning and ability to shift is impressive. Our community presence, in numbers, continues to climb at a fantastic pace. It is without a doubt the passion you demonstrate is what separates your firm from all others. We are proud to give you our recommendation and are truly blessed by having your firm as a part of our team.”

Robert Cook

Executive Director, Heartland House

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