Bolt Goodly Data Division

Harnessing the power of Smart Data and Enterprise Lead-Gen Systems

Bolt Goodly Is a Data Broker

The Power of Data

Data has become the most valuable commodity on the planet to date.

Bolt Goodly got into the data game by realizing that data providers do not standardize costs making it hard for clients to rely on certain sources of lead generation to not fluctuate drastically in price. 

As a result, we started utilizing our networks to create industry-specific and compliant data to provide our clients with a standard price for purchasing leads and or raw data.

This has allowed us to add one more in-house service that is offered with all omnichannel campaigns.

A solution and price to meet your needs.

BG offers a range of products in the data space. The best part is that it is fairly quick to set up and in most cases, we have data readily available the TCIP compliant that you could start TODAY with. 

We are also willing to sep up co-marketing and rev-share agreements with industry specific data that we aggregate. Reach out to us, and let us know what you are looking for and we can put a deal together! 

We also offer discounts on bulk-buy data and if you currently have a service contract with us then we can offer up to 50% off total data costs in most cases. 

Services We Offer

Leads & Data

  • Home Services – Solar/Windows/Security
  • Insurance – Auto/Health/Medicare
  • Cannabis & CBD – Transfers/Marketing

Call Centers

  • Warm Transfers – International/Domestic
  • Quality Control
  • Inbound Services – PCI Compliance

Sales Support

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Scaling Teams
  • Business Development


We buy all types of data. If you have a large eCommerce site or service business, you may be sitting on thousands of dollars of rich data that you may be legally able to sell. 

Contact us to get an appraisal on that data if it meets compliance we will write you a check and buy anything you are willing to sell us. 

Answers to Your Questions

What exactly can BG do data-wise for my company?

BG work on performance-based marketing and cater to our clients by delivering campaigns based on your individual needs. Whether you prefer CPA, CPL, or CPM, we make sure that every dollar spent is result focused. We follow this methodology regardless of the media type. From print to digital, BG can meet all of your companies marketing needs. 

We have never bought data before?

You would be surprised to know that many of our clients did not even know some of these options were even available to more medium-sized business. Technology allows us to work on a smaller scale and what used to only be available to the fortune 500 companies is available for most medium-sized enterprizes. 

We have data and don’t know what to do with it, can you help us?

A consultative approach has led us to this point with at least 50% of our clients. Through the Research and Discovery phase of our consult, we find that the business has not been properly using or re-using the customer data they own. We can help you monetize and in some cases even sell it for a large profit. 

Do we need a call center to buy data?

Absolutely not. We have access to national publishers across the country in a number of different verticles. We can deliver data in the form of “look-alike” audiences or email lists. The possibilities are endless. 

We also have access to a number of call-centers and if need be, we can provide that service for you!

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