What BG is all about

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Meet the Team

Our Vision

We envision a company where rebellious, scrappy, creatives persevere and come together to meld their personal experiences to create one collective legacy. Bolt Goodly challenges the marketing industry with disruption, thought-provoking innovation, celebrated “non-political correctness”, authenticity, and a little bit of magic.

Millions of people will consume products and engage companies we have influenced, consulted, and inspired. We will leave our positive impact on the world through excellence and commitment to expertise in our craft while respecting the honor of being able to do business on a handshake

BG Team

Our Mission

We work our magic by producing data-driven results and telling stories that matter.

Our Values


We operate with a deeply personal and team commitment to honoring our internal processes created and refined through trial, error, and thorough documentation to put out high-quality work that we are proud to show. We are committed to growing together through change and discomfort. We are willing to make sacrifices for the sustainability of our company and if diplomacy fails, fight for what our company believes in.


We are committed to functioning with honesty, authenticity, and relevant transparency, always doing the right thing – especially when it’s hard. We own our mistakes and take responsibility for acknowledging, correcting and learning from them, aiming always for continued growth and excellence in all of our work and interactions.


We are committed to protecting the best interests of the company first, followed closely by the individual. We are a unified group, bringing all potential issues to the team, growing in the same direction, us against the problems. We celebrate individuals for their strengths and support each other in overcoming our individual challenges. We work to build relationships with others outside our company that operate on principles of mutual loyalty.


Our mission is to create a legacy company that will stand the test of time by being operationally sound while keeping the focus on our long term vision. We will create lasting change, impact in the world, and be the platinum standard for digital marketing consulting companies.

Let's Make Marketing Magic