Las Vegas Rotary Club

Project Summary

The Las Vegas Rotary Club decided after much deliberation to build a new website to increase traffic and gain new members, as well as sponsors for their club and it’s foundation. The Las Vegas Rotary Club is the oldest Rotary club in Las Vegas, being chartered in 1923. Needless to say, the club has been through a lot of changes over the decades right along with the world. Now having stood the test of time and coming into the digital age, the members of the club saw an opportunity to reach a wider audience by elevating their online presence.

The Strategy

Web Design Strategy

Get buy-in from general membership of the club, new members, and the foundation board. Being that LVRC is a member of Rotary International, we had to follow brand guidelines to a T. A lot of content existed but each board member and their committees were responsible to gather content for each of their respective events and programs.

One of the key things with such a robust history was creating a way to show that history to the world was a fun and interesting task. We created over 100 pages alone just showing the history of the Rotary Club. There is one for each of the 95 presidents, and a page for each decade as well.

We had to make this website visually appealing to a younger demographic while making it user-friendly for an older demographic. The club also has a weekly publication so we had to come up with a way to transfer their PDF into a webpage. We also added a calendar to track the multitude of events that LVRC holds.

Content Strategy

To increase traffic to the website through a strategic web build and SEO marketing plan. We saw the opportunity to bring a lot of organic traffic to the website as it has weekly updates. Every week the Wheel goes up in the website with the speaker’s biography, club photos, the President’s message and more. In these weekly updates, there are many factors that have lead to extremely successful traffic increase:

  • image has alt-text
  • strategic file name
  • approximately 1000 new words
  • bold lettering
  • bulleted lists
  • numbered lists
  • headings

Proven Results

The new website was launched in June of 2016 and since then, along with our weekly updates, there has been an increase in organic search traffic of over 210%. This had led to new people being aware of the Las Vegas Rotary Club, shown by an increase in new users by 199%.

Since October of 2017, we have been live streaming the weekly meetings on Facebook, which has led to a 582% increase in social media traffic to the website compared to the time period immediately preceding the live stream.

We also won an Award for this website! In May of 2017 at the Rotary District 5300 Conference, this website was awarded Best Website for the district.


INCREASE Social Media Traffic


Organic Search Traffic


Direct Traffic


New Users

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