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Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Exterior Siding Company

Marketing Strategies for Your Exterior Siding Company

We have worked with multiple home improvement companies that offer siding – vinyl siding, soffit, and fascia. Homeowners will always have siding needs, especially in the southwest where strong weather conditions affect our home’s exteriors. This can be a competitive market with so many home improvement companies offering this service, and so many different types of siding being offered, that you’ll want to make sure you stand out.

This starts with well-designed, technically sound websites. Local SEO and reputation management are also very important to consider for any location and service-based business (see HVAC page). Whether you want to get started with a fresh new website, or go ahead and invest in an inbound marketing strategy, we can help. We have various different programs that we know will work for you.

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Here is a case study from a former client of ours where we were able to add more than $1 Million in new revenue from our marketing efforts!

This case study outlines the steps we took to create a custom digital marketing campaign that increased inbound leads by 100% 

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We also offer aged data to supplement your pipeline while your new inbound campaign is being tested and adjusted. Digital marketing is best approached with an omnichannel strategy, touching the customers at various stages of their buying journey, and staying in front of them. This could mean that leads come in from various different platforms and can sometimes be hard to measure. We will retarget all of your leads (inbound or purchased) and run them through our funnel we create for you to stay top of mind for when they are ready to make a purchase.

Green Means a Few Things

Consumers are paying more and more attention to “green” products and businesses. Various types of siding that offer up to 20% in savings by lowering electrical bills are where you should focus your efforts. 

The siding business has been growing and will continue to grow at a rate of about 3.5% through 2021, so make sure your online marketing strategy is in place now so you don’t miss out.


Annual Siding Industry Growth Rate Projection Through 2021


% Potential Savings for Consumers Installing Greener Siding Materials

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The Bolt Goodly Process

We have a proven process we have created from scratch based on our own experience working with clients, as well as practicing tried and true methods from marketers that came before us. The Bolt Goodly Process consists of 5 steps, each with an outlined process created by us, so that we are consistent with our work and you can be confident in the value you receive from us.

1. Exploration and Immersion

  • Immerse ourselves in your business
  • Explain Bolt Goodly and our process

2. Strategy

  • 1 - Page Marketing plan
  • Action Items and Deliverables

3. Execution

  • Specialization
  • Velocity
  • Efficiency

4. Reporting

  • Transparency
  • Measure
  • Analyze

5. Optimize

  • Tactical Assessments
  • Pivots

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