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Marketing Automation Feature – Analytics

To pair with all of SharpSpring’s powerful features must come powerful analytics to measure all of the data. Reports can be customized to analyze email jobs, campaigns, lead activity, tagging, site tracking, form insights, and ultimately your ROI. With this level of analytics, you will be able to pivot the direction of your campaigns in a very specific area that needs adjusting. Scroll down and over the images below for more details about SharpSpring analytics. 

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Transformative Email Analytics

  • – Track email success all the way to ROI
  • – Follow stats like clicks, opens, bounces to optimize messaging
  • – Learn which links are converting

Google AdWords Integration

  • – Track your paid search campaigns
  • – View keyword data and AdWords costs determine
    the true cost of a qualified lead
  • – Make key decisions with a full understanding
    of search engine marketing ROI

Multiple Device Tracking

  • – SharpSpring recognizes and tracks all devices types
  • – Smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.

Campaign Tracking

  • – Understand your end-to-end conversion cost
  • – Track revenue to arrive at the true ROI 
  • – Automatically track your website visitors’ conversions

Behavior Tracking

  • – “Life of the Lead” tracks all interactions contacts in Contact Manager
  • – Track site visits, emails, webinars, and social events
  • – Interactions can trigger custom automation
  • – Engage with contacts at critical points in their unique buying process

End-to-End ROI

  • – Good campaigns start with an end-to-end ROI goal
  • – Campaign Insights provide actionable metrics every
    step of the way to keep goals clear and attainable.

Custom Reports

  • – Measure your current successes
  • – Accurately forecast future performance
  • – Customize Campaign, Email and CRM reports
  • – Include metrics that matter specifically to you

Form Insights

  • – Measure, compare and optimize form performance
  • – Better understand your marketing ROI
  • – Utilize powerful metrics like Total Cost Per Lead

Track As Many Sites as You’d Like

  • – Add a tracking code snippets to generate leads
  • – Add to a website, microsite, blog or landing page in seconds
  • – Track as many sites as you’d like and monitor them in one place


  • –  “How Did You Hear About Us?” field. HDYHAU? uses
    behavior-tracking to only appear for new leads
  • – Track non-digital, traditional marketing tactics like
    tradeshows, print ads or postcard mailings

Campaign Tagging

  • – Group, ungroup, slice and dice with campaign tagging
  • – Anything with a name can be a tag
  • – Use common tags: email, google, referrals, organic and offline
  • – Also, customize tags – specific or broad as you like

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