Skylab Apps


Project Summary

Spoiler alert – One of our Managing Partners used to serve as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Skylab USA. Before he joined Bolt Goodly (officially) we were his go-to marketing firm for campaign management, content, and strategy for all of their marketing needs.

This was a ground-up build from the marketing website to all content and building a vast digital footprint for Skylab Apps in the Engagement platform and Big Data space.

The Strategy

Create a new category and be the first company in that space.

  • Content Marketing: 8 pieces of viral content a month
  • Website conversions from leads to booked demos: 2-Step funnel from opt-in to webinar w/ Calendly and CRM integration.
  • Drive more than 5K people per month to the website: Using any means necessary

Challenge 1

Filter and find Sales Qualified leads. Becuase Skylab’s technology is new and cutting edge, we had to find a way to tell the story so it would peak potential buyers interests without making it too confusing.  Focus on key elements that would help the company meet their mission of client acquisition. `

Challenge 2

Create a new category using the company nomenclature and cement a dominant position across all search engines. That space is now called “The Science of Engagment.” 


Customer Base


Daily Active Users across all Apps

Million Dollar Revenue Increase

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