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The idea of designing and developing a website can be daunting! But it needn’t be with our expertise. We have designed and developed several websites over our years of experience in digital marketing and are dedicated to continuous learning. We specialize in WordPress and it’s relevant applications, as almost 30% of all of the world’s websites are now hosted on WordPress we found this to be the best area to focus our growth and learning.

We have worked with other platforms, but in our experience, most of our clients opt to go with WordPress once they learn what it can do. We will always do what’s in the best interest of our clients and refer you elsewhere if you require a web build that is outside of our expertise.

Am I ready for a website?

Most organizations have websites in 2018, but that doesn’t always mean everyone organization is ready to launch into this process. A website is a digital-version, storefront representation of your organization and therefore should include everything you want the public to know!

We have worked through enough web development projects to know from the first meeting whether or not a client is ready for a website and we will be frank with you. See more questions below that will help you determine if you are ready for a website!

Answers to Your Questions

Is all of my legal paperwork in order?

In order to launch a website that is consistent with your brand, you will need to ensure an available domain name for your organization. You will potentially need to look at licensing, trademarks, and/or copyright to make sure your branding material is available to use online.

What’s the plan for your website after launch?

Plenty of people pay a small sum for a friend or family hobbyist to build them a website, but what then? Do you have a strategic digital marketing plan? Are you familiar with all of the technical backend that comes with a website? Do you know how to analyze Google analytics and other tools to shift directions based on data? Do you know what to do when your server is down (this is bound to happen on occasion, do not be alarmed!)?

These are all serious considerations as the launch of a website is just the first step. You are entering into a brand new realm for your organization!

Do I have a strong brand identity?

Has your organization existed long enough to have an established brand identity? While local clientele may know who you are, do you have an established logo, colors, or design that people would recognize immediately if they saw it? We find that organizations that at least have a start in this area, including brand guidelines, tend to have a smoother more coherent web design process.

Do I have enough content for a website?

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, but one factor that will also play a large part is rich content. Do you have enough, good content to carry a website? Pages on websites with 500+ words tend to appear higher in search results overall. If you don’t have enough content, do you have the means to write it? If not, do you have the additional budget to hire an agency to do the writing as well as the web design?

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