Watch and learn about digital marketing from the POV and experience of the team at Bolt Goodly.

Performing a Marketing Campaign Audit

Our marketing campaign audit is a very important part of our Research, Audit, and Strategy phase. This audit is very thorough and it takes quite a bit of time for us to analyze all of the data that is collected and it also takes a lot of time to collect. Here is what...

5 Ways Organizational Behavior Can Affect Your Marketing Strategy

Here we dive into 5 areas of organizational behavior you may want to look at when creating a marketing strategy: 1. Communication 2. Project Management 3. Culture 4. Managing Change 5. Relationships Read the full blog here: Locations Las Vegas NV & San Diego CA...

Branding Audit – Why You Need a Brand Identity Kit – Part 1

It’s surprising to us that the majority of our clients do not have a brand guidelines document, much less a brand identity kit. Both of these items are very important to a business, especially when it comes to the messaging that you’re putting out in the world. Our brand identity kit includes basic items such as logos, fonts, and colors, but it includes so much more as well.

The Consulting Process Between a Digital Marketing Agency and a Client

Do you want an agency that will sell you a standard marketing package or would you rather have a skilled team with experience in consulting who can delve into your true marketing needs? At Bolt Goodly, we have taken a consultative approach to our sales process and this comes from years and years of experience understanding different types of clients, different types of industries, and their marketing needs.

Performing Initial Marketing Research on Your Organization

When we start to engage with you, whether that’s via email, phone call, networking, form fill, however that conversation has started, we like to do some initial research on you and your organization We look at your entire digital media footprint and learn as much as we can about your organization before we move forward with an official proposal.

Why Does A Marketing Agency Perform Financial Audits

A part of our Research, Audit, and Strategy phase that we offer all of our clients is a full Financial audit. You may think the seems outside the realm of a marketing agency, but everything we’re doing is with your endgame in mind. This means to make you more in pre-tax profit and increase your bottom line, and how will we ever know if we’re getting there if we haven’t reviewed financials with you?


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