Performing Initial Marketing Research on Your Organization

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We do a lot of research on new prospects, even before our first call or meeting. We can learn a lot by simply combing through your online presence and reviewing your website, ads, social media accounts, etc. This helps us realize where we should start when we send you an initial proposal.

Steve Wolf

Steve Wolf

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Research and Getting to Know You

When we start to engage with you, whether that’s via email, phone call, networking, form fill, however that conversation has started, we like to do some initial research on you and your organization We look at your entire digital media footprint and learn as much as we can about your organization before we move forward with an official proposal.

Here’s what we look at:


We can learn a lot about you just by perusing your existing website or make some pretty quick assumptions if you don’t have one. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are:

  • Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Does it clearly, and concisely explain what your business is?
  • Do you have call to action buttons so visitors can learn more?
  • Do you have any media (video, gallery) calling attention the visitors?
  • Do you engage with your visitors (chat box, form fills, etc.)?
  • Is the User Interface accessible?

Without diving in too deeply (this we would do in our Branding Audit), we can learn a lot just by asking these initial question and taking some notes about any big opportunities we see or ideas we have right off the bat.

We also look at:

Google Search

Social Media


Website Technical Audit

Now What?

After we’ve done this quick initial research, we’re probably ready to have coffee with you! We’ll have a better idea of what questions to ask you, suggestions to offer, and services you might need after looking at these research insights. While this research doesn’t actually take us very long and may seem like an obvious part of the process, surprisingly not all agencies take this step.

We have learned from experience and we find this step to be very important in our consulting part of our sales process. The more we do up front in our consulting, research, and even onboarding, that faster and better we are able to work on your project and move your needle forward! If you’re ready to chat with us, click below, or shoot us an email!

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