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We are not your typical digital marketing company. We don’t have packages to sell you or a la carte menus. Everything we do is customized to what will serve your business best. Read more about how we follow the data.

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Senior Partner

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Our Strategy

Due to our years of experience in business management and digital marketing, we have found it imperative that our strategies focus on data analysis. Our experience is that most organizations focus on “vanity metrics”, i.e. traffic, visits, likes, reach, shares, etc. While these are definitely important, more important KPIs to look at are the ones generating you revenue.

We are campaign focused, which begins with an excellently executed website. We build or update our clients’ websites with appropriate tracking codes, rich content, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure not just traffic, but conversions. We then implement strategic campaigns utilizing ads, social media, email, and other means to continually practice the entire customer journey cycle, from initial purchase, to retargeting and upselling, to loyal customers that refer their friends.

We measure the results of each aspect of a campaign, tying them to income producing activities. We will adjust ads, track URL codes, analyze email results, A/B test various messaging, and the like, to determine which media and tools are actually generating income.

Keep in mind – a beautiful website is no good to anyone if a customer never visits it, and likewise millions of visits are pointless if no purchase is ever made! A marketing strategy is ongoing and ever-changing, as our technology updates on a daily basis. What worked today may be upgraded to something better tomorrow, or a brand new tool or medium may become available, rendering previously used tools now not as useful. Join us on this journey of testing, analyzing, adjusting, all to bring you increased profit (now that’s our favorite metric!)

We adhere to a Scrum-like framework, which allows continuous communication with our clients on an ongoing basis, in epics called “sprints” rather than a “waterfall” approach, to make adjustments in our strategy, due to the ever-changing face of technology. This fosters a collaborative effort between client and Bolt Goodly to assume communication and ensure we are all staying on the path toward the goal.

Our Method – the Breakdown

Research, Audit, and Strategy Phase

Bolt Goodly’s method begins with an in-depth analysis of your digital status. We will run comprehensive reports on your website, your social media accounts, your ads, emails, reviews, and any other relevant information we come across. You can liken this process to getting a full diagnostic on your car. A mechanic may be able to guess the problem based on his experience, but won’t really know what’s going on until they pop the hood.

The same goes for digital marketing. We can look at the surface level of your digital marketing footprint and have an idea of what’s going on, but we won’t be able to put forth a strategic plan until we “pop the hood.” Our first phase, Research, Audit, and Strategy, involves getting access to the necessary accounts, running extensive reporting and audits and then reporting back to you with recommendations.

After this phase, we will reassess your proposal for the next phases, Development and Monthly Marketing. Our experience has shown us that once we pop the hood and dig around, the direction tends to shift from our initial examination.

Development Phase

Once we have an agreed upon a direction based on our Research, Audit, and Strategy report, we get to work on your Development Phase! This process will look different for everyone. Here are the most common Development services we fulfill: a new website, website revamp, the creation of new social media accounts, marketing automation campaigns, SEO, etc.

This Development phase can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on what your organization requires.

Monthly Marketing Phase

Upon completion of Development, we usually move right into a Monthly Marketing phase which is ongoing until either party decides otherwise. We require a minimum of our webmaster program if you have a website which covers software updates, backups, and basic maintenance. Throughout the month, we will maintain, measure, report, and adjust on all items developed for you, as well as continue to create campaigns to move the needle in your digital presence.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Team

How it works

Marketing is a huge part of any organization! The Small Business Administration (SBA) says that organizations with revenue under $5 million should be spending 7-8 percent of revenue on marketing. That’s almost one-tenth of your revenue! It goes without saying that we want this spend to be well worth your return. While we are experts in marketing, you are the expert in your organization. For this symbiotic relationship to work smoothly and effectively, plan to spend some time with us.

We have streamlined our process to make this as easy as possible for you because we know you are busy doing what you do best-running your organization. The more information you can give us up front, the less we have to chase you down later.


In the first phase, which is usually either Development or Analysis, plan on downloading a lot of information to us. We have set up a seamless, comprehensive onboarding process to acquire all the necessary information (logins and passwords, brand guidelines, existing content, any of our worksheets you have filled out, etc.) for us to do an in-depth analysis. This part takes as long as it takes you to get us everything we need. Once we have access, we can go in and analyze, pull reports, etc. on your website, your social media, and other platforms you may be using. After we have prepared your analysis, we will schedule a meeting to present our long-term and short-term marketing plans.


Once you have downloaded everything to us, we will schedule another strategic planning, if what we’ve uncovered varies greatly from our initial analysis. Once we have a plan of attack, we will touch base once weekly on the phone for about 30 minutes. These calls are important as we schedule them strategically to report what we worked on in the previous sprint, what’s coming up next sprint, and deliverables needed from you (usually content, final approvals, etc.). This continuous analysis and reporting allow us to shift our strategy on a dime if something isn’t working. No longer will you be chasing down your agency point of contact wondering why no one is reading your blogs. We will have already noticed that, and likely suggested a shift to more emails and fewer blogs, or a different content strategy for your blogs.

We like to call our clients ‘partners’ because that’s really how our strategy works. We work together to ensure your organization is going in the right direction. We aren’t the silent, invisible marketing agency like those ones you’ve tried in the past! We are available, we want to meet with you, talk to you regularly, and we’d even love to hang out and grab a drink or a bite! Working with you on a weekly basis can fill up our calendar fairly quickly, but it is so worth it to us to have relationships with our clients. This is also a piece of the marketing strategy as it puts us closer to your organization on a regular basis so we know what we are working with!

So give us a call, shoot us an email, hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever! Let’s grab a coffee and get to work =)

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