Are You Using the Best Social Media Platforms? Here is the Definitive Guide To Help You Find Your Customers

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Social media has revolutionized the way we are able to connect with each other, and with this has brought an equal revolution in marketing. Businesses have the power to reach millions of potential clients and customers right in the palm of their hands. There has never been a better time to nail your social media strategy, as doing it correctly could help take your marketing reach to levels that are normally unheard of. 

Bolt Goodly

Bolt Goodly

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Are you using the right social media platforms?

It critical to have an umbrella effect on social media and cover a variety of different sites at once. All of these sites, though, have their own set of pros and cons. That is why it is important to take advantage of each with a targeted plan. 

But which sites should you aim for?

When in doubt, turn to the numbers. As of this year, the top-performing sites on social media include (in descending order): 

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

There are certain factors you should pay attention to when planning what sites to focus on. The most important of these include:


Pinterest and Snapchat may have high usage rates, but the demographics are in the younger age range (16-22). Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are great for adults ages 30-50, while Instagram is a hot spot for young adults. Comparing these numbers to your target demographics can help you fine-tune your approach and only spend resources where they will net you a solid ROI. 

Content Style

Each platform has certain types of content styles that have been proven to get the most attention and engagement. They each have certain features that help you highlight the best parts of your business and authentically connect with existing and new customers. 

The highlights of each site include:


The best strategy for Instagram depends on the brand image and style of content you are going for. Try to use high-quality pictures and utilize relevant influencers to gain leverage and reach people that care about what you are doing.

We recommend a blend of images, videos, clever and informative captions, careful use of hashtags, as well as staying active in your niche by supporting fellow brands and influencers. Using live videos and short 30-second or fewer videos are also great ways to get higher engagement. 


YouTube can be used as a great home base where you can keep your audience informed and entertained in a very intimate fashion. Videos such as tutorials, quick update videos, as well as long-form update videos can help you to build a loyal base of subscribers. Doing these videos about 2-3 times a month will keep people engaged without causing too heavy of a workload. 


Using Twitter is one of the quickest and most direct ways to keep your viewership up-to-date on the latest news from your business. You can use images and videos along with short and sweet updates to help your followers stay informed and connected. Again, hashtags can help you to filter out the noise and be seen by more relevant viewers. The more pipelines you can setup, the more new customers you can lock-in. 

Don’t forget the end goal – ROI

Your main goal should be to get the best ROI for the time and resources you spend on your content creation. This means being consistent and interesting year-round, and paying attention to your analytics and which platforms are actually bringing you paying customers.

The best way to do this without wasting time and ad spend is to trim the fat and use each platform’s strengths to your advantage. Plan out more of the specific types of posts across these platforms that are neting you more ROI for your efforts while maximizing your efficiency in the process. Don’t forget to try to be unique and use content that represents your personality and image.

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