“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.”
– John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Sharpen the Saw

Due to our years of experience in business management and digital marketing, we have found it imperative that our strategies focus on data analysis. Our experience is that most organizations focus on “vanity metrics”, i.e. traffic, visits, likes, reach, shares, etc. While these are definitely important, more important KPIs to look at are the ones generating you revenue.

We are campaign focused, which begins with an excellently executed website. We build or update our clients’ websites with appropriate tracking codes, rich content, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure not just traffic, but conversions. We then implement strategic campaigns utilizing ads, social media, email, and other means to continually practice the entire customer journey cycle, from initial purchase, to retargeting and upselling, to loyal customers that refers their friends.

We measure the results of each aspect of a campaign, tying them to income producing activities. We will adjust ads, track URL codes, analyze email results, A/B test various messaging, and the like, to determine which media and tools are actually generating income.

Keep in mind – a beautiful website is no good to anyone if a customer never visits it, and likewise millions of visits are pointless if no purchase is ever made!

A marketing strategy is ongoing and ever changing, as our technology updates on a daily basis. What worked today may be upgraded to something better tomorrow, or a brand new tool or medium may become available, rendering previously used tools now not as useful. Join us on this journey of testing, analyzing, adjusting, all to bring you increased profit (now that’s our favorite metric!)

We adhere to a Scrum framework, which allows continuous communication with our clients on an ongoing basis, in epics called “sprints” rather than a “waterfall” approach, to make adjustments in our strategy, due to the ever changing face of technology. This fosters a collaborative effort between client and Bolt Goodly to assume communication and ensure we are all staying on the path toward the goal.

We look forward to “experimenting” with you!

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