What Exactly is Marketing Automation?

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Marketing automation is a simple system to understand, yet complex in nature and capabilities. If you’ve ever filled out a form to receive a newsletter, you’ve likely been entered into a marketing automation funnel, that will further segment you based on your interests. Read on!

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Senior Partner

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What exactly is marketing automation?

What are some of the biggest problems in your business right now? I’m sure we can all agree that the most common problem is – we need more sales! More sales, more revenue, higher profit, however, you want to word it, this is the main goal of every company. While some may say, “Our main objective is to make our customer happy,” We would argue “well, what do happy customers do…?” They spend more money!

Marketing is a big piece of how to generate more revenue, and marketing automation is the newest, most digitally advanced way to generate more leads, increase customer engagement, and improve performance measuring. Like most sales models, these steps then lead to closing sales and generating revenue.

How is marketing automation different from email?

Well, you have likely signed up for automated systems multiple times! Have you ever filled out a form to “receive our newsletter”? That’s one way to enter into a marketing automated chain! This helps you generate leads, as only interested parties would enter their information. Once this form is filled out, a “thank you” email is likely sent with additional links and information for you to peruse. Depending on which links you click, a platform will launch the next chain of events in the marketing automation.

This type of system allows you to send customers the information they want to see, based on their interests. The guessing game phase of marketing is now removed, saving you time and money. Customers are engaged specifically based on what they clicked on, increasing customer engagement. Customers are now seeing products and services they are interested in, and not having to sift through blast marketing that does not apply to them.

This process improves performance measuring as well because now you can see exactly which emails, clicks, links, etc. lead to customer purchases. This further removes the guessing game and allows you to customize your marketing based on what is generating sales!

Are you ready to step up your game?

A majority of businesses are now using marketing automation as one of their priority digital marketing services. Statistics have shown that email marketing is continuously on the rise for businesses, and is the number one platform for customer retention. How could marketing automation add to your business? Contact us and we will help you find out!

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