Email Automation vs. ESP (Email Service Provider)

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Have you outgrown your standard email account for your business? If you’re trying to decide whether you should invest in a more robust email platform, this article will answer some questions for you! We compare Email Automation and Email Service Providers – there’s quite a difference in the service offerings.

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Senior Partner

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Are you ready to up your email marketing game?

If you’re in business, hopefully, you are using some form of email communication to interact with your prospects and clients. If you not, you are missing out! Email marketing is definitely still alive in 2019, though there are a right and a wrong way to do it. Bombarding people with loads of emails doesn’t work and is usually when you get those dreaded “unsubscribes” or even worse – SPAM complaints.

So how can you effectively use email marketing without 1) taking up your entire day sending emails 2) getting unengaged users and 3) breaking the bank? It might be time to move into an email automation strategy.

If you’re using a standard ESP, or Email Service Provider, you are very limited in what you can do. Most ESPs just offer email hosting, basic email sending, and archive. Think your basic Gmail, Yahoo, and that old school AOL account you used to have. These are great for personal use and even for small businesses or people getting started. But what do you do when you have a list of 1000 people and you need to send a mass email or newsletter? This is where email automation comes in.

Email automation platforms offer so much more than standard ESP. You can create dynamic email campaigns, send mass emails, and do so much more – and all automatically!


Check out this comparison chart of Email Automation vs. Email Service Providers and we’ll let you be the judge:

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Email Automation offers the following:

  • Importing lists of contacts – ESP
  • VisitorID for identifying anonymous web traffic
  • Dynamic form fields for building complete contact profiles
  • Third-party and native-form integration
  • Simple CSS adoption to make your forms blend in
  • Automatically connect on social media
  • Qualify leads based on position in sales cycle
  • Schedule an email to a single contact for future delivery
  • Driving Sales
  • CRM integrations – ESP
  • Easy-to-use email designer – ESP
  • Notification sent to sales team of a leads online activity
  • Automatically segment your leads based on their behavior
  • Targeted messages for near one-on-one communication
  • An illustrated timeline of all emails each contact received
  • Increased engagement with segmented messages
  • Proving ROI
  • Open rate and click through rate tracking – ESP
  • Website behavior reports
  • Identification of contact’s position in sales process
  • Online and offline monitoring of leads activity
  • Automatic return on investment calculations

Email Service Providers offer these:

  • Importing lists of contacts
  • CRM integrations
  • Easy-to-use email designer
  • Open rate and click through rate tracking


Ready to check out Email Automation?

As you can see, email automation has many extended benefits that ESPs do not offer. Anyone can benefit from using email automation, and we are experts in that field. Get in contact with us today and see a free demo of how email automation can change your business – and get your business growing.

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