10 Simple Marketing Automation Tips You Can Use Today To Save Time And Money

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The new age of marketing is here. Automation is allowing marketing teams to accomplish better ROI numbers than ever at a fraction of the cost and time. 

While this technology should be adopted by every company, using it correctly is what will get you the numbers you are looking for. 

Bolt Goodly

Bolt Goodly

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10 Simple Marketing Automation Tips That Can Save You Time and Money Today

A new-age automation tool can be very dense and intimidating at first glance. If you have an understanding of the goals you want to be accomplished and the types of tasks you can automate, using automation will be much easier than you may have thought. 

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the various software tools that allow marketing teams to more efficiently manage multiple marketing channels while automating the repetitive tasks required to execute these campaigns. It can help you to carry out more widespread campaigns that carry out tasks such as segmented email campaigns, follow-ups, text messages, and lead qualification. It would normally take a full team and a lot of time and wages to carry out this type of marketing scheme – but automation as now made it possible to carry out in a single day. 

The tools out there all provide plenty of different tools for you to put to use. While they can be dense, with the right approach and some goals in mind, you can easily start putting them to use for your marketing plans. 

Here are 10 tips to help get you started in the right direction: 

1. Keep An Eye Out For Repetitive Tasks

The more processes in the marketing process you can automate, the more time you can free up for reaching out to your clients and growing your business. Some of the most common tasks you can easily automate are emails, social media posts, and marketing funnel organization. 

 2. Don’t Overlook Details

When companies get their hands on fresh new automation software they will often be so eager to put it to use that the actual strategies they adopt lack in-depth. Put the tools you use to the best use by reading the documentation and watching tutorial videos or use case examples on YouTube. After doing some research you may learn about even more ways your software can help. 

3. Help Keep Up With Leads And Rate Interest

Yes, you read that right – there are plenty of tools out there that can help to organize the leads you have gathered. With automation, you can skip the spreadsheets and focus on the best strategy for your campaign. This will make following up on leads you have gathered for potential deals much easier, helping you close sales faster. 

4. Segment Your Emails!

Not all customers are built the same. Qualifying the various types of leads and executing unique marketing actions for each category is one of the most effective trends marketers utilize today. You can send unique emails to customers in different locations, send unique follow-up emails based on interest or purchase activity, the list goes on and on. Automation makes this process effortless and allows for a ton of creativity in dialing in the best process for your goals. 

5. Be Authentic

Automation can detract you from the real goal at hand – to connect with new customers across the globe. Don’t lose sight of the quality of the content you are using with automation. You can have a great plan that is perfectly segmented, but if the content falls flat, the results will be disappointing.

6. Time Your communication perfectly. 

Schedule automation based on certain trigger events to help nurture new leads into becoming loyal customers. You can easily trigger follow up emails to your most loyal customers offering exclusive deals, special news, and more. Treating your most loyal customers well will help keep you profitable. 

7. Keep In Mind The Features You Want

There are tons of different tools out there. If you have an idea of the types of tasks you want automated, you can narrow down the best tools for that need. 

8. Have A Support Team

These tools can be complex to learn about and implement properly alone. If you have a need for scaling and an ambitious plan, adding a technical team to execute these goals can save a lot of time and effort. 

9. Have Budget in Mind

Not all automation platforms are built the same. Some of the enterprise-level automation tools can be very pricey if left unmonitored. Check price points compared to the functions offered, and also see what types of companies are using the different platforms you are interested in. 

10. Qualify Different Types of Leads Much More Easily

Automation can help easily direct the different types of leads to their own groups where you can compare and contrast the data. You can automate these tools to identify where the leads were captured, and if they are a likely sell. The machines can track if they read the emails you sent, interacted on social media, or have downloaded your ebook or joined your mailing list. Automatically tracking these actions will help you narrow your focus to the most critical clients. 

Marketing automation is a no brainer for marketers today.

It is the next-generation tool that is making marketing smarter and letting teams be more creative and targeted with their efforts. If you haven’t yet, we recommend getting started today and learning more about how these tools can take your revenue to new heights. 

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