Top 5 Ways To Create Content That Will Get You the Most Bang For Your Buck

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Content creation continues to both get more competitive and more beneficial as the years go by. The numbers show that people respond better to real content. While content is inevitably going to be apart of your marketing plan, it is important to make a worthwhile, authentic product for the viewer. There is just too much spam and filler content that gets ignored on social media today. Using content that is authentic and unique is your best bet to rise above the pack.

Bolt Goodly

Bolt Goodly

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Top 5 Ways To Create Content That Will Get You the Most Bang For Your Buck

Authentic and unique content is king nowadays. The best part, though, is that making this type of content does not need to break the bank. There are various different types of content you can post across all platforms at a very affordable price. The key here is to be consistent with each piece of your content plan in order to get a widespread effect. 

Some of the cheapest ways to make great content include:


It is hard to replace the power a great blog can have on your business. You can add a supplemental way for your customers to get more info on your background, relevant news, and interesting insider looks into your process or experience. If someone is reading your blog, they care about what you have to say, so it is important to make it count. Also, creating evergreen content is useful for having content that can potentially be repurposed down the line for reposting, saving you time and money. 


Video content is possibly the most effective type of content you can use today. Not only that but just by using your phone and laptop camera you can create highly effective and competitive content. There are also plenty of apps that can help you edit, add music to, and crop the videos you make. It may be a little bit more work, but running your own video content plan may be more affordable and realistic than you thought. As always, it is important to think of the best way to present your brand to the world through these videos – so be original and authentic!

Social Media Content

Using content on social media can be pricey and time-consuming. The amount of analytics and advice out there can be overwhelming. At first, being smart about your content can help you save time and money. For example, repurposing content for use across sites can help you get more out of each piece of content you make. Try implementing a content calendar to organize the different posts you will make each week across the different sites you use. Make sure you mix it up between self-made and paid content in order to save money while also getting better at making authentic content for your audience. 


Infographics are great pieces of content you can use to give quick and useful tips or updates to your customers. These stats can be on recent performance, new trends in the industry or even important dates that are coming up your audience may like to know about. These can act as great and very cheap pieces of filler content that can still be of great value to viewers. Infographics are simple to make, or you can cheaply get one made on freelance sites like Fiverr for only $5. 


If you have been doing content consistently for a while, chances are you have a solid bank of content you can start to repurpose for a new post. Sprinkling in these types of posts across your normal content routine can free up funds and also give you more time to spend on new content or going over analytics. 

If you work smarter and not harder with your content, you can achieve rapid growth on a budget! 

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