Content is King!

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There are countless digital advertising strategies being put to use today. Social media, emails, influencer marketing, SEO – the list goes on and on. In such a saturated landscape, it’s hard to even know where to start. Digital marketing, though, is powerful if done correctly.

Bolt Goodly

Bolt Goodly

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Content Creation is King

Modern digital marketing is a new frontier, and at the forefront of this movement is content creation. Even the smallest DIY companies can achieve viral status with a well thought out and executed content rollout routine. With a solid foundation(link to consulting) of your voice, core values, and identity as a company, you can design a beautiful rollout campaign that will captivate an audience and create long-lasting consumer relationships.

Making great content isn’t easy, though. Social media users today have extremely short attention spans and literally hundreds of thousands of potential sources of high-quality content that they will connect with. While this does sound daunting, all it takes to stand out and start building an authentic following is some pre-meditation and authentic, attention-grabbing content.

Why is Content Important?

In the past, content routines would simply consist of a couple of 500-word blogs a few times every month or two. This type of bland routine will both not receive any attention and will also not stimulate any type of lasting connection with an audience. Blogs can be useful, but tying them to an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook campaign along with a giveaway or intimate story or video is deeper ways of going about content creation that will set apart the good from the great.

Your content represents who you are and allows you a sliver of a chance every time your content gets a view. It is important to take advantage of the attention while you have it with unique, stimulating, and thoughtful pieces of content.

Rich content is also the place where you can really showcase your expertise in your industry and increase your credibility – in the eyes of your consumers, as well as in the eyes of search engines.

The Content Calendar

After we have gathered data and performed some descriptive analytics, together we will be able to come up with an accurate description of what we believe your company stands for and what its manifesto contains.

Armed with this information, we begin to design a routine of consistent content posting spread across different mediums with the intent of connecting with an authentic and relevant audience. Rather than throwing out a mass blanket of spammy content, we believe it is much more effective to utilize a plan that will land you long-term customers rather than lurkers.

The calendar we create stretches about 3 months in advance and will be designed with a specific purpose in mind. This varies based on your goals and mission as a company but can include factors such as:

  • Blog Development and Marketing
  • Social Media Content Strategy
  • How To Keep Content Flowing
  • Using Companion Marketing and
  • Utilizing Teamwork in the Industry

Each of the factors including the voice of the blogs, the look, and feel of the pictures, to the types of giveaways or promotions you run depend on the end goal we set for ourselves. This approach helps keep all of the content focused and will make it sensible and easy to follow for an audience, rather than being random and filler.

One advantage of planning way ahead like this is that it allows you the ability to repurpose all of this content and create videos out of blogs and vice versa, as well as giving sneak peeks of your content in social media posts or emails. Repurposing content effectively will save you a lot of time and money as well as help you remain consistent and in your audience’s minds regularly.

Consistently authentic and honest content with a purpose is the key to generating customer connection with your brand and will help you poke your head out through the masses of forgettable content clogging up social media feeds.

Our Experience

How do we claim to know so much about what makes for an effective content routine?

As a team, we have over 30 years of digital marketing experience knowledge we are ready to put to use for you. We have seen the industry go through radical changes to get to the new and ever-changing landscape it is today.

We have studied and used a few different successful strategies championed by various industry leaders, and we are always reviewing the newest and most successful blogs, marketing strategies, and newsletters as often as we can. This helps us stay up to date on what’s new and trending in the industry, and it also keeps our creative writing chops strong.

Our founder is a contributing author to Amazon’s Best Seller Journey to Success: Millennial Edition and our whole team have written many business plans, blogs, and articles over the years in graduate programs and various entrepreneurial pursuits.

One of our most effective strategies for ensuring effective delivery of your brand and content ideas is to interview a member of your team with the sole purpose of gleaning 3-4 key blog topics from that interview. We record these interviews to make sure we don’t miss anything and to capture the “voice” of your brand representative. We meticulously craft these first few drafts until they are perfectly aligned with the voice and vision of your company. These can then serve as your blog molds from which you can base the rest of your content’s voice until you feel you need an update. This always helps dramatically increase the frequency and ease of posting great content regularly!

With our help, you can stay consistently on brand and keep your viewers hooked. Along with our automation (link), these content calendars can be twice as effective with half the effort.

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