What is a Brand Identity Kit and Why Do I Need One?

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A Brand Identity goes deeper than a logo or a color scheme. How customers feel about your brand when they come across you is a piece of your identity. A Brand identity kit can encompass your entire brand, from logos, mission and vision, and more.

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Written by Rebecca Roberts

Senior Partner

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It’s very surprising to us that the majority of our clients do not have a brand guidelines document, much less a brand identity kit. Both of these items are very important to a business, especially when it comes to your marketing and the messaging that you’re putting out in the world.

If you think about a popular brand such as Coca-Cola, you probably immediately have certain thoughts or feelings of familiarity. They more than just brand guidelines which consist of their logo, fonts that they use, and maybe their color scheme, but the brand identity encompasses so much more than that.

Coca-Cola is a household name and when people think of it, they think of polar bears, or lit up trucks at Christmas time, or the iconic Coca-Cola red, or the Coca-Cola glass bottle. A brand identity essentially means that customers not only know what you sell, but they know who you are, what you stand for, and how you make them feel.

A brand identity kit provided by Bolt goodly does include those basic items such as logos, fonts, and colors, but it includes so much more as well. We will include all of your messaging that might be used in any collateral, anywhere from your mission statement to your core values to the right messaging and specific words to use in certain marketing campaigns.


We strongly encourage any business to have a brand identity kit or at bare minimum a brand guidelines document before doing any marketing. When we’re working with a new client we do an extensive audit of all of your branding materials looking for the following:

  • Logos in all file types
  • Blogs
  • Messaging
  • Emails
  • Merchandise
  • Flyers
  • Any additional collateral that has your logo and your information on it

We will also do a full audit on your digital presence to uncover whether your messaging is clear across platforms. From Facebook to Twitter, are you sharing the same message?

Brand Identity Audit

Here are some of the questions we might ask you as we start digging into your messaging:

– Describe your brand voice.
– Review sample headlines.
– Review sample copy.
– How do you use your company or brand name in possessive, plural, or in combination with other items?
– How do you write your company name? All caps, title case, shorthand, something else?

– Is your name trademarked or registered?
– Do you have a single logo or trademark?
– Is it used consistently across your mater

– Who are you?
– What is your market?
– What is your product or service?
– What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?
– What is your brand essence? – What are your brand values?
– Describe your corporate culture. Does it fit your brand?
– What is your elevator speech? Mission? Vision?
– Would everyone in your company describe your brand similarly?
– Are important decision-makers aware of your branding and marketing initiatives?

Once we’ve done this full audit, and built out a brand identity kit for you, we can get to work a lot easier and faster. If we’re building a website or marketing campaign for you, we now have a brand identity kit to pull from. Inside your brand kit, we will have provided various logos and their colors, where they are to be used, the same thing with fonts, as well as different design elements for headers, emails, landing pages, different design templates for pages on your website, and the list goes on and on. Once we have your sign off on your brand identity kit, we’ve got a library of design elements to work from on anything moving forward.

Are you ready to get starting with a brand identity kit? Whether you are a start-up and need unique initial designs, an existing company that just needs some help, or going through a rebrand, we can help!

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