Marketing for Home Services and The Construction Industry in 2020

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Bolt Goodly takes an in-depth look into the marketing trends and tactics successfully being used in the home services and construction industry in 2020

Bolt Goodly

Bolt Goodly

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Marketing for Home Services and The Construction Industry in 2020

The home services industry continues to experience steady growth with each passing year. According to Verified Market Research, the global home services market is expected to undergo a nearly 20% increase over the next few years. Homeowners and property owners are spending more on all aspects of home improvement to modernize their homes and make them more aesthetically appealing. Not only that, but people are becoming savvier to energy efficiency as well. People are more likely to invest in improvements to their homes and properties if they are going to save money on power and if it will provide positive environmental benefits as well. 

73% of millennials state that they are likely to spend more money on sustainable products and services. Nearly every aspect of their homes including solar, turf, roofing, HVAC services, and even the type of garage door can fall into the modern and sustainable category.  

What is the Home Services Market?

The home services market encompasses a variety of services and products involved in the construction and maintenance of homes and businesses alike. These sectors include:  (Click any of the links below to bring you to our specific service page for an in-depth look at each sub-category in the Home Services Industry).

The explosion of online and mobile booking services has made finding a service provider easier than ever, and this trend is causing a spike in both demand and services. This makes it a priority for businesses to get a jump on their digital presence and ensure they find out how to stand out from the crowd.

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Solar Companies

With an ever-increasing demand for energy efficiency and sustainability (especially in the Southwest), solar services show no sign of slowing down. While this is true, solar companies are offering services that are much more affordable to the everyday homeowner. This makes for a competitive business that requires a sound marketing approach to attract your ideal customers. For this reason, you need to stay on top of how you can differentiate your services

by mentioning things like the latest stats involving tax incentives, energy efficiency, and the amount of power that can be generated.

Home Improvement

The economy continues to grow and cause home improvement and remodeling services to do the same. Overall, remodeling activity is expected to grow almost 5% year over year through 2020. As we are seeing steady job growth in the economy, the home improvement services industry should expect to see more people investing money modernizing their homes. In addition, there is a growing trend of Americans who are staying put in one home for longer. This makes it more likely for them to spend on upgrades and customization. Studies show that big-ticket remodeling jobs worth $1,000 or more will be the most popular over the next few years, so making sure your services pop on the web will be critical to success.

Windows & Doors 

The windows and doors business is a saturated one. It can be hard to stand out in the sea of competition in your area, let alone to get front-page placement in local searches. As you’ve seen from the numbers in the industry, business is definitely booming. This makes it imperative to set up a bulletproof marketing plan to help your business get its share of the pie. Getting access to consistent inbound leads and nurturing existing ones will be important keys to success this year. The average customer sale can last up to 9 months – so treating your marketing as a marathon and not a sprint will net you the highest profit.


Roofing is a service that will never run out of demand. Weathering will always cause homeowners to require a new roof to be installed. Roofing is a long process, so having access to the right customers at the right time is what will help you keep consistent business coming in throughout the year. In order to achieve this, you need to organize your leads and establish an effective sales pipeline that keeps you consistently exposed to the right customers.

Synthetic Turf

The market for artificial turf installation is in high demand, especially with the arid climate and steep price tag of maintaining real grass in the Southwest. Blistering California droughts have driven up the price of maintaining real grass while the quality of turf has been dramatically increasing. Turf is now a much more viable option and can even offer homeowners with turf rebates for saving and being environmentally responsible. Standing out in the turf market requires access to an omnichannel marketing strategy that properly educates clients and also focuses on how to demonstrate the unique value of your business. 


In the hot summers of the Southwest, you can be sure that HVAC services will always be in high demand. With sky-high demand, the only question is how you can ensure your business gets placed first on local searches. The answer is proper SEO, reputation management, and solid marketing strategies. Your business should be tackling its web presence seriously and focusing on how to pull ahead if you want to continue to grow in the competitive HVAC business. Focusing on providing superior customer service and gathering organic reviews and recommendations are some easy ways to get your business to stand out on the web. 

Exterior Paint, Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia

Exterior paint, new coating application products like TexCote© and Coolwall©, Vinyl siding, soffit, and fascia are examples of the most common products of external siding for clients we have served in the past 3 years.

High winds and intense weather make siding services remain consistently in demand. There are also a ton of different services and businesses that offer different forms of siding services, which makes it difficult to stand out on your own. If you want to stand out, you will need to ensure you invest in a solid website and SEO services in order to differentiate your services.

Garage Doors

There is a consistent demand for garage door replacement and repairs. Nearly every homeowner either has to undergo repairs or replace their garage doors at some point, so the opportunity for garage door businesses is ample. Modernizing your service marketing efforts and ensuring you are reaching plenty of homeowners with your ads is critical to landing them at the right time.

Electrical Services / Electrician

Electrical services are another highly competitive market right now. As an electrical contractor, the need for customer referrals and positive reviews is essential. This means you will need a solid digital marketing presence on the web in order to manage these reviews and ensure you are reaching plenty of potential new clients. Having access to direct leads and relevant clients will be a difference-maker for electricians and their ability to grow this year.

Plumbing Services / Plumbers

There are a number of plumbers in every town, making it yet another very competitive category in the home services market. Plumbers also rely on great reviews and customer service and need access to the right leads tailored to their business. Taking some extra time to ensure your plumbing business is supported by a strong website and full-on inbound digital marketing strategy is the best way to keep your plumbing business growing consistently throughout the year. 

Here is How We Do It!

Our process is all-encompassing and is designed to help busy professionals in the home services industry get a leg up on their marketing efforts. We provide modern and tech-savvy digital marketing services that ensure you are reaching relevant new leads and maximizing your marketing budget. 

Our process involves a few key steps to help achieve this:

Exploration and Immersion 

We completely immerse ourselves in your business, making sure we understand who you are and what makes your business unique from the rest. This allows us to design a personally-tailored marketing strategy that will bring in your ideal customers. 

Strategy Development

Once we have learned what we need to know about your business, we then dive into designing the strategy to establish a solid web presence and marketing plan. This is where we lay out an action plan and cite any deliverables such as websites or CRM tools we plan to implement. 


We collectively have over 100 years of marketing experience as a team, which has allowed us to be able to create extensive processes for the execution portion of our marketing strategies. Our process is carefully designed and executed based on standard operating procedures we have been perfecting for years. This process has allowed us to continually provide speedy delivery so you can grow your business faster. 


Unlike many other marketing programs, our reporting process is tailored to each of our client’s goals and needs. Each month, you get a detailed and thorough report that is more than just a simple analytics report. You can keep up with all of your KPI’s and specific targets you are aiming for every month as we are completing them. On top of that, we set up weekly or bi-weekly calls in order to keep you updated on our progress, analyze results, and stay on the same page at all times. We want you to have peace of mind at each stage of the process. 


This is the key step that really separates our services from the competition. As we run our process and start executing our marketing strategies, we actively analyze the results and adjust accordingly. For example, if we find that the response from an email campaign is performing better than paid ads, we will divert more attention and resources towards email marketing. We stay active throughout the entire process. As we perform more work and get more results, we learn what works best for your business. 

Overall, the scope of the market is increasing and leading to a promising outlook in 2020 and beyond – as long as you are taking your marketing strategies and digital presence seriously! We specialize in providing all businesses in the home services sector with modernized and hyper-effective marketing plans that deliver when they need to. 

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