3 Simple Tips To Help Electricians Improve Their Marketing

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Electricians compete in some of the most competitive local job markets there are. When you started your business, you probably weren’t anticipating how much time you would have to spend on websites and marketing. Well, to stay relevant, you better start now! 

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3 Simple Tips To Help Electricians Improve Their Marketing

Electricians compete in some of the most competitive local job markets there are. When you started your business, you probably weren’t anticipating how much time you would have to spend on websites and marketing. 

Most of the time, when you seek out advice on how to market your electrical business, you get some hard to digest answers that don’t make sense to most business owners. You hear about the many nuances of branding and high-level campaign strategies that take expertise to implement. 

The value of investing in a solid, professional marketing team that will get to work establishing a broad and full-spectrum marketing strategy(link) for your business is hard to match. Even so, there are still some classic techniques that you can easily implement that always are great for business.

Understand Who Your Target Customer Is

Having a detailed understanding of who your ideal customer is can help you pinpoint the best ways to reach them. Knowing who your business is for is more than half the battle when it comes to designing a marketing strategy. Remember, a lot of your new customers are young, and if you don’t understand them, good luck selling them anything!

Take Your Online Presence Seriously 

In today’s digital age, having a professional website is a requirement. Without a solid website and online presence, how will customers find you when they google their local electrician? You should have info on your website that allows customers to get to know your business, including the services you offer, testimonials, and also your contact info.

This means that you need to be listed on all the correct review sites like Google+ for business, Home Advisor, Houzz, etc. Simply being there is not enough, you need to have lots of five-star reviews with the minimum overall average of 4 stars across the board.

We have seen clients lose customers because they have bad reviews and we have seen customer acquisition costs go up by 40% in some cases when a company fails to do reputation management.

We cannot stress enough how important this is and it needs to be taken seriously. 

Keep Your Existing Customers Organized

Repeat business is huge for electricians. Establishing a consistent relationship with customers is how you can demonstrate credibility to future customers while also maintaining a consistent business. Managing these aged leads is simple with online tools available today. Try to schedule or automate yearly follow-ups with previous clients or have an email list dedicated to these customers with the goal of bringing them back into the marketing funnel for conversions. 

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Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there is no excuse to not take your web presence and marketing seriously. There are some simple steps you can take on your own to get the ball rolling, but getting a team of professionals to help you out is hard to beat. Stay focused on your unique services while we handle the heavy lifting of getting your marketing strategy(link to service pages) tailored to perfection.

Electrical Services / Electrician

Electrical services are another highly competitive market right now. As an electrical contractor, the need for customer referrals and positive reviews is essential. This means you will need a solid digital marketing presence on the web in order to manage these reviews and ensure you are reaching plenty of potential new clients. Having access to direct leads and relevant clients will be a difference-maker for electricians and their ability to grow this year.

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