A Simple Guide For Getting The Most Out Of Google Analytics

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It is daunting to think about just how much a solid analytics system can affect your bottom line. Data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to acquire to customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable. This is one of the main reasons so many companies are starting to take more data-centric approaches to their marketing schemes. 

Bolt Goodly

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A Simple Guide For Getting the Most Out Of Google Analytics

Using analytics properly can help you make better decisions and steer the ship in the best direction when there are several different options in front of you. They help you learn about your customers and what strategies are working and which to avoid. It is imperative to take a diagnostic approach where you analyze, plan, and then take action. Using analytics simply helps you make smarter, more calculated decisions for your business. 

Analytics Are Being Overlooked

Only about 10% of companies report effective analytics systems due to either dated technology, mismanagement, or simply a lack of understanding of how to best use simple data points to your advantage. Every company generates data on sales metrics, customer buying habits, and social media activity. These three sources of data alone can help you take a failing marketing strategy and morph it into a lead-generating machine. 

Here are some of the best ways to get the most out of Google’s analytics services:

Keep An Eye on Traffic

If you are paying attention to the amount of traffic your different landing pages are receiving around certain events such as email campaigns, social media posts, or any type of brand activity, you can start to identify what is working and what can be cut. Google’s analytics services can give reports in near real-time so you can keep up easily. Keeping an eye on traffic is just a single piece of the puzzle that can help you tailor a more enjoyable and positive customer experience. 

Identify Your ECommerce Trends

Taking a deep look into your e-commerce numbers is another great way to get a better idea of what your customers are responding well to. The best types of analytics systems for e-commerce can help you measure:

  • Customer retention
  • Customer activation
  • Revenue
  • Lead conversions

Google’s services can track all of these data points for you and help you see what is bringing people in and how you can better get them to stay. 

These are just a couple of examples of ways analytics can help you start to shape your business around your ideal customer. The main takeaway here is analytics are great for helping you understand trends over time and how they are affecting your revenue and conversion rate. These new analytics tools have made it easier than ever before for all business owners to make better decisions and get profitable faster. 

Tailor Your Goals Based On Data

In order to achieve the most success, you must act on what your analytics are telling you. The best place to start is to set some goals you would like to reach. These can include numbers you will find on Google Analytics such as overall revenue, page traffic, new signups – the possibilities only end where your creativity does. 

Take action!

Armed with all of these tips, you can now start to make use of the most powerful new business tech available. Set ambitious goals and get to know your customers!

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