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Here is a deep dive on some of our current and past project

Practice Makes Progress

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”
– Steve Jobs

When you decide to hire someone for any kind of project you probably like to view some of their previous work. If you were hiring a photographer or contractor it would be easy to see pictures of some of their previous work. This looks a little different for service industries. We could easily list all of the websites we have built and you can look at our design choices, but is that really enough?

Most of our prospects want to see websites that we have built, but we are here to tell you that we aren’t in the business of building pretty websites – we are in the business of driving revenue. It is more important that your website is optimized, effective at conveying intent, and capable of collecting data than having perfect videos or images on every page. The design is an important factor of the whole, but we want all of our clients to understand the meat of what we do. In digital marketing, you truly want to know if what we are doing behind the scenes is actually increasing results and leading to happy customers. 


The way we show you what we are doing is working is through case studies. In our historical analysis of each new client, we look at their data to set a benchmark for our starting point. From there, depending on the growth and success of the project, we will write up a case study 90 days in at a minimum. Most of our case studies span a longer time period in order to show true long-term growth and success, but some do account for specific campaigns or projects.  One of our successful sales funnels was featured by our partner, SharpSpring. Read the Social Media Investors case study below!

The case studies below will outline the project summary, the strategy, and data to show what progress was made. We have many more websites we have built and projects we have worked on that we can share with you, but these are our most prominent and well-studied examples. We really took the time to dig into these projects and look at what was and wasn’t working for the client before we got started, what actions we took, and where we are now.


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