Marketing for Windows and Doors Companies

Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Windows and Doors Company

Marketing for Your Windows and Doors Business

You know as well as anyone that the competition for page one placement in the windows and doors industry can be fierce…and expensive! So how are you supposed to generate new leads and customers with high keyword bid prices? How are you supposed to stand out in a saturated market?

Here at Bolt Goodly we have the marketing experience working with windows and doors companies to help you stand out and get a piece of the pie, because there is plenty of business to go around. We know the tried and true practices to get you new inbound leads, as well as nurture the leads that don’t close so you stay front of mind.

Any large purchase made, especially in the home improvement industry, is likely to be a long sale, so the customer journey can be spread up to 9 months to a year. This means marketing campaigns for you are going to be a marathon, not a sprint. That doesn’t mean you can’t close some new deals on your way!

New Leads for Windows and Doors Customers

While your inbound campaign is cooking and your customers are flowing through the funnel we’ve built for you, we have access to leads to keep you busy in the meantime. To add to that, any of these leads that don’t close will also go into the funnel to ensure we stay front of mind when they are ready to purchase.

So What’s the Offer?

We’ve worked with enough windows and doors companies in the past to know best what works for you and what you need. We have different website packages depending on the size of your business if you’re just getting started and want to start with a website. We also have various inbound marketing campaign strategies we can implement, again depending on your goals and where you plan on heading.

Check out some of our offers below or contact us to talk more.


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Our Services

The Bolt Goodly Process

We have a proven process we have created from scratch based on our own experience working with clients, as well as practicing tried and true methods from marketers that came before us. The Bolt Goodly Process consists of 5 steps, each with an outlined process created by us, so that we are consistent with our work and you can be confident in the value you receive from us.

1. Exploration and Immersion

  • Immerse ourselves in your business
  • Explain Bolt Goodly and our process

2. Strategy

  • 1 - Page Marketing plan
  • Action Items and Deliverables

3. Execution

  • Specialization
  • Velocity
  • Efficiency

4. Reporting

  • Transparency
  • Measure
  • Analyze

5. Optimize

  • Tactical Assessments
  • Pivots

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