Keegan Dhue

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Keegan Dhue

Keegan Dhue

Junior Associate

Keegan Dhue has been working in, on, and around computers from an early age. He started using MS-DOS at the age of 12 and began troubleshooting computers & office systems by the age of 15. In 2001, Mr. Dhue helped develop & create one of the first ever “Internet Cafes” and online gaming centers in Las Vegas, NV. Keegan then moved up quickly in the corporate world, working for fortune 500 company, Toshiba America’s sales team in his early 20s. He was promoted and operating as Western Sales Manager for the US within a decade.

Mr. Dhue has also dabbled in entrepreneurial adventures, once running a technology consulting company offering the legal industry a hand in cloud services. He is a huge fan of internet and technology being used as an effective tool to promote a political agenda or social change, and he’s an avid supporter of the free information market fighting corruption in the digital world 🙂

Mr. Dhue is very excited to join the team at Bolt Goodly and is looking forward to diving into the data game to help customers see how information inspection and then process implementation can help them grow their ventures.

Mr. Dhue enjoys his “punny” name, his dog, and anything tie-dye.

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