“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa

We LOVE Non-Profits!

Our love of nonprofit organizations stems from many personal and professional experiences. Both of our founders are military brats (Army and Navy!) and have therefore experienced the gracious services of organizations such as USO, Wounded Warrior Project, and Operation Shoebox, just to name a few.

Captain Kirk sits on the board of the Las Vegas Rotary Club and Safety Officer Award Recognition (S.O.A.R.) and has been an active member for two years now. He and Becca both participate monthly in various Rotary activities, which, among other connections, have led to involvement in other local nonprofits: Veterans Villages, West Care, Trauma Recovery Yoga, The Salvation Army, and many more.

The Las Vegas community is so tightly knit and we love how each nonprofit comes together to help one another. An old friend and referral of Kirk’s lead us to our first nonprofit client Heartland House, located in San Diego, California. Going through the process of a web build and a strategic marketing campaign for them forced us to learn everything we could about the online footprint of a nonprofit organization.

What we learned:

  1. Nonprofits need our help! Most nonprofits do not budget as much for marketing as they should as they tend to focus their funds on their services. This is noble and even expected in a newer nonprofit, however early adoption of strategic marketing practices can lead to long-term success and sustainability.
  2. There are discounts, deals, and freebies aplenty for nonprofits! Discounted hosting & domains, Google Grants (free ad budget), and discounted merchant account rates are just a few of the things available to nonprofits. Most people don’t know about these great advantages!
  3. Nonprofits can benefit greatly from outsourcing. A nonprofit is a business like any other, just with a little bit different paperwork. We are very familiar with 501(c)(3) legalities and all of the information required online to impose your credibility. It would be much more costly for a nonprofit to hire a CMO than to outsource their marketing to a firm that is already an expert at all things nonprofit. Everyone knows the less money that goes towards administrative, the more can go to your programs!

Featured Case Study

Heartland House is a men’s recovery home in San Diego, CA. They have existed and thrived in the recovery industry for over 60 years, but it was time to update their digital interface. Heartland House approached us for a new website and marketing strategy. We launched their new website in May of 2017 and have maintained marketing with new content, social media, marketing automation, SEO, and advertising.


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Answers to Your Questions

We have no budget, what can we do?

Good news! We will be starting our own nonprofit, Bolt Goodly Foundation, in the future. If you have no budget for a website and digital marketing, you can apply for a grant. This grant will come from a portion of our revenue, client matches, and community donations. You can use this grant for any marketing agency of your choosing to supply marketing services. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay in the know! Until then, we do offer a discounted rate for nonprofits, and we customize each project per our clients budget. Contact us for a free consultation!

What are all the discounts available to nonprofits?

We have an ever-growing list of resources for nonprofits! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. DreamHost (free hosting)
  2. Google for Nonprofits (including Google Grants)
  3. PayPal (nonprofit discounted rates)
  4. TechSoup (hardware and software discounts for members)
  5. Intuit (Quickbooks discounts)

Can you help me get more donations online?

Yes! There are a lot of ways to run donation campaigns online with a combination of email and social media being our two most successful. The M + R Marketing report that comes out annually shows statistics on a certain group of nonprofits that report their marketing numbers. This report has consistently shown that around 30% of online donations come from email. Isn’t that amazing? Most people think email is dead, but that is not the case. We can help you manage your email automation marketing campaign, social media campaigns, and even help with event planning for fundraising.

I’ve got a Facebook page. Do I really need a website?

Yes, most definitely. The main reason being that Facebook is private and Google does not index there. Only Facebook users that like your page, or similar pages, or come across an ad (if you’re doing Facebook ads) will see your page. With Facebook’s latest algorithm update, the list of people that will see your content will get smaller and smaller. Having a website will open your visibility up to a much wider audience and allow for endless features not available on Facebook.


Branding Audit – Why You Need a Brand Identity Kit – Part 1

It’s surprising to us that the majority of our clients do not have a brand guidelines document, much less a brand identity kit. Both of these items are very important to a business, especially when it comes to the messaging that you’re putting out in the world. Our brand identity kit includes basic items such as logos, fonts, and colors, but it includes so much more as well.

The Consulting Process Between a Digital Marketing Agency and a Client

Do you want an agency that will sell you a standard marketing package or would you rather have a skilled team with experience in consulting who can delve into your true marketing needs? At Bolt Goodly, we have taken a consultative approach to our sales process and this comes from years and years of experience understanding different types of clients, different types of industries, and their marketing needs.

Performing Initial Marketing Research on Your Organization

When we start to engage with you, whether that’s via email, phone call, networking, form fill, however that conversation has started, we like to do some initial research on you and your organization We look at your entire digital media footprint and learn as much as we can about your organization before we move forward with an official proposal.

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Target your audience with strategic ads pointing to funnels, turning leads into sales.


Weekly analytics reports focusing on data that is showing proven results.

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Strategic content for your website based on target audience engagement.

Marketing Automation

Start engaging conversions with leads by automating their personalized message.

Search Engine Optimization

Consistent and continual best practices lead to long-term organic traffic results.

Social Media

Incorporate your overall marketing strategy through social to reach a wider audience.

Web Development

Strategic development to lay the groundwork for your long-term marketing strategy.

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