How to Tell Your Brand Story

Let’s figure out your brand identity so you can tell your brand story!

What is a “brand”?

A brand can literally be defined as a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. This also goes back to cattle, and the identifying mark burned on livestock with a branding iron. These definitions are simple, and you are very likely familiar with a lot of big brands by name and logo. Think Coca Cola, Apple, or Walt Disney.

Now, whether you are starting a new business or looking to revamp your existing business’ brand, you’re probably looking into a new logo, new colors, and maybe new fonts. All of these things would then lead to new designs all around, which could include a new website, new stationary and collateral, new uniforms, and all new marketing materials. This process can be daunting – we have done it a couple of times, so we know! But we have learned the few things that we would like to share with you.

But what is a brand story?

A brand story goes deeper than just the name and the look. Your brand story encompasses the feelings evoked by your brand, the experiences had by your customers and anything that shows how your brand elicits emotion from its audience.

The process of developing a new look is important, but before you can visually represent your brand in something as small as a logo, it’s imperative to fully understand what your brand story is and how your brand appears in the world. Anybody can hire a designer to create a quick little logo based on the name of your company and your industry. You can actually do that online yourself for pretty easy and for free! This process may be fine for some people if you are looking to do a very simple logo just to get started, but it’s best to dive in and fully develop your brand identity.

We just reformed Bolt Goodly Inc. in January of 2019 and we are currently revamping our brand identity. Our story has shifted from last year when our company was split into various partnerships in a courtship period to coming into one cohesive corporation. Let’s dive into our story and hopefully, you can learn from some of our experiences.

Our Brand Story

In 2018 three co-owners came together to date and see if we wanted to join our firms and forces and create Both Goodly Inc. As we navigated the digital marketing space, we found that there are a lot of people out there building websites (ask anybody who is a hobby computer guy and they are a web designer). We aren’t just building websites though. We enjoy the data part of what we’re doing and making sure that our actions were actually moving the needle for our clients. As we continued to take on new clients very slowly, one every month or two so that we could hone our processes, we began to learn what we’re really good at, what we really enjoy, and who we really are as a brand.

We enjoy creating relationships with our clients. We enjoy long-term relationships where we can watch them and their brand grow. We found that we are consultants first, digging into our clients’ brands so that we truly understand, from a business mind first, what type of marketing strategy they need. Working together in this manner before deciding to form our corporation helped our brand story to begin to organically tell itself. We are the digital marketing agency that “tell stories that matter.”

What does “tell stories that matter” mean? All marketing companies tell stories but are you telling the right one? We started to realize as we worked on clients that if we’re telling a certain story using the wrong medium, or telling the wrong story in the right medium, that we would not move the needle. Following the data and shifting our course has led to Bolt Goodly Inc. becoming what it is.

We take a consultative approach to all of our clients truly getting to know their business. We have to know the ins-and-outs of everything going on including and up to operations and financial projections to understand what marketing efforts will be effective and increase the bottom line.
Brand Identity in our Paperwork

In addition to defining our brand story through what we do and how we interact with our clients, we wanted to identify our brand in our internal operations as well. Meaning, how do we represent our brand internally through our mission, vision, and values? We are going through a Conscious Contracting process, which puts our brand story, identity, and promises right into our manifesto, contracts, and everything that we do. It was very important for us to set our business up the correct way at the beginning, with partners and mentors so that we can build a legacy company. All of our co-founders are tired of startup after startup after startup and wanted to create something that will stand the test of time, as well as make an impact.

Living Our Brand Story on a Daily Basis

One of the first things that we do for the majority of our clients is a Research, Audit, and Strategy report that consists of:

  • researching the industry and the company to make sure we fully understand their vertical
  • auditing all of the marketing aspects of their business from:
    • financial projections
    • operations
    • technical website audit
  • then develop a strategy to move forward in Development and Marketing a strategy.

In order to truly live our brand, we realized we must do everything internally that we would sell to a client, so we ran a RAS audit on ourselves! What we found of course is, as the old adage says, we have marketed our clients and failed to market ourselves. We found we had a lot of opportunities to tell our own story better, and the first thing we realized is that our brand design didn’t tell our story in a way that is in line with who we had naturally become.

Out of this report, came a hefty list of items to complete (which we are currently doing!) that will lead to the launch of our new brand on April 1st, 2019! Stay tuned for that…you will see teasers throughout the site leading up to launch day.

Design Consulting and Brand Identity

Job number one was to come up with a new logo (which we just landed!). Rather than creating a logo ourselves, we decided to use our newly-created mission, vision, and values through the Conscious Contracting process to write up a manifesto and then hire a designer to complete our logo design for us.

It was very beneficial to have an outsider’s point of view to make sure that our written mission, vision, and values made sense to someone who didn’t know us our brand as personally as we do. Going this route meant that there were a lot of logos and ideas that the designer had come up with that we would never have thought of as well.

By using our mission, vision, and values to help us tell our brand story means that we now have a logo and design scheme that truly feels like Bolt Goodly Inc. and really emanates who we are as a team, our culture, as well as we do.

Ready to tell your brand story?

If you’re thinking about rebranding or starting a new business and you are interested in our process, please contact us. We would love to chat and see if our consultative approach to your business can help you tell your story!

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