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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”
– Confucius


Being in a B2B service industry, we often find ourselves partnering with or taking on as clients others in the B2B service industry. This has come naturally and we love working with these types of clients. You must visit our “I Gotta Guy” page if you need anybody to help with almost anything regarding your business! We have collected our most trustworthy partners and clients over the years to refer them to you.

Professional Services

We have worked with other marketing firms, accounting firms, law firms, IT consultants, business coaches, and even political parties in the past. This list does not have a limit! We have found that we collaborate well with other B2B businesses since we all have the same goal – to help our clients increase revenue.

Featured Case Study

The Las Vegas Rotary Club decided after much deliberation to build a new website to increase traffic and gain new members, as well as sponsors for their club and it’s foundation. The Las Vegas Rotary Club is the oldest Rotary club in Las Vegas, being chartered in 1923. Needless to say, the club has been through a lot of changes over the decades right along with the world. Now having stood the test of time and coming into the digital age, the members of the club saw an opportunity to reach a wider audience by elevating their online presence.


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Answers to Your Questions

How much should I be spending on marketing?

The Small Business Administration says that businesses making less than $5 million per, with a profit margin of around 10%, should be spending 7-8% of gross revenue. This spend can span anywhere from 2% to 20%, on the lower end if you are a nonprofit or startup, and on the higher end if you are in a competitive industry.

How can I turn all my leads into customers?

Marketing Automation is a silent seller and when used in conjunction with strategic email campaigns, it can work to engage your leads while you sleep. We have launched “set it and forget it” campaigns for clients that automate additional emails and increase lead scores based on their interaction with your web pages, emails, and even social media posts. We can even set up an automation that will send a contact an email if they engage with a social post! Once a lead reaches a score that you set, you will get a notification so you can call them directly. Focusing on these hot leads will decrease your sales costs and save you loads of time.

Can you help me get more leads?

Yes, we can, but the question really is, from where? Most clients have more leads than they realize. They have stacks of business cards and emails addresses in their contact list that are not being utilized. Furthermore, the more important question is which lead source (i.e. Facebook, Google, Linkedin, purchased, etc.) is making you the most money. It might even be the stack of business cards on your desk. If that’s the case, why pay for more leads? We will help you identify which leads will be the most profitable for you.

Can you help me with my sales funnel?

Yes! You can visit our Services page to learn more about our various offerings and how they tie into strategic sales funnels. Additionally, our expertise lies in Marketing Automation. We are Silver-Level Certified Partners and have run successful sales funnel campaigns through SharpSpring (see this Case Study), our preferred marketing automation and CRM platform. You can read more about campaigns on our Marketing Automation page as well as our Content Writing page.

Our Blog

How To Market Your Rebrand

So now that you’ve completed your rebrand, how will you let everyone know about it? If you’ve done this right you will go into your rebrand was a full content calendar and marketing plan ready to launch the same day your new website launches.

Re-Branding your Organization

The team at Bolt Goodly is finally ready to publicly announce…that we will be re-branding in 2018! This has been quite a long process, truly beginning in March of this year and we’re not done yet! There are a lot of things on a re-brand checklist, and there’s a lot of information out there on the web.

Our Services


Target your audience with strategic ads pointing to funnels, turning leads into sales.


Weekly analytics reports focusing on data that is showing proven results.

Content Writing

Strategic content for your website based on target audience engagement.

Marketing Automation

Start engaging conversions with leads by automating their personalized message.

Search Engine Optimization

Consistent and continual best practices lead to long-term organic traffic results.

Social Media

Incorporate your overall marketing strategy through social to reach a wider audience.

Web Development

Strategic development to lay the groundwork for your long-term marketing strategy.

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